Thursday, January 29, 2009

on fleeing the country

so this sunday will leave for greece for four months.

great excitement for learning to become responsible, mature adult (or simmilar).

hope greek embassy in boston is not any indication of what to expect in terms of organization of nation and ease and speed in dealing with its inhabitants.

had hideous time trying to get student visa.

had not been as frustrated since time was lost in chinatown, nyc, when was 14 and had run into a man grilling an eel over a trashcan while being chased after another man selling crappy knockoff bags.

anyways, was surprised to see evil mastermind behind whole strife and near heart failure regarding student visa.

was typical elderly greek woman.

black tunic and all.

literally looked like this:

the woman responsible for ensuring my safe and legal entry into greece for studies.


she legit looked like she just came out of her kitchen.

thought would strangle her when she got flour from her hands and dress on my new passport.

so insane.

then she just like PEACED OUT.

was like YEAH. that's just fine.

go pull that baklava out of the oven.

her buffalo assistant stayed however;

asked for four dollars self had assumed was some sort of fee, however now have doubts after seeing him pocket the money.

probably went to quizno's right after i left.

so angry.

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  1. gypsied by your own peeps... you should have slapped him


Give it to me, baby. ;)