Saturday, January 31, 2009

on saying goodbye

spent today in strange drunken and post drunken stages.

got intensely emotional and ended up driving drunk to mall to go stilletto shopping.

at 4pm.

am like alcoholic soccer mom/cliché of a woman/simmilar.


do not try on high heels drunk.


do not drive to mall drunk.

(or anywhere).

feel a mess, someone needs to slap self.

had to say goodbye today to a lot of people.

in a way has made the idea of leaving real.

cried like a little bitch after evryone left.

though am not ashamed;

am leaving behind some ace people.


(best friends)


(coworkers and bosses... nile lounge)

don't know how will tell mother goodbye.

you know those dreams you have

when you know you are going to die?

or you can feel a huge, impending change?

cannot seem to shake that feeling

that self was saying goodbye forever.

must remember:

four months is really not that long.

so will stop being a little pussy.


ow, my head.

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