Monday, March 9, 2009

on describing her weekend away

had amazing mini break weekend to harbor city of volos.

you know

that city jason is from.


jason and the golden fleece?


brush up on your greek mythology.


almost did not make it there because


woke up in crazy, postdrunken/hungover state from foolish bar hopping night before

(so ashamed)


apartment was like 4,000 degrees (F)

so was basically waking in the depths of hell/mississippi bayou/simmilar.

and b)

almost targeted,


and destroyed

bus driver (once alcohol-saturated body successfully made it to bus),who insisted on playing intense dance music at 9am.


looked like the fonze.


was pleased with volos.

completely gorgeous.

note plaid shirt; self totally looked/felt like roseanne all day.

visited museum there as well.

if you like greek vases painted in the style of the geometric era

then go.

would see a display like this

and would get really paranoid that either self

or someone close to self

would suddenly have an intense epileptic fit

and destroy whole, priceless display.

whatever museum happen to visit

always think and wonder

if today will be the day that will suddenly seize and thrash all over priceless artifacts or works of art

and will spend rest of life in debt to museum.


spent the night at a beautiful hotel in neighboring village makrynitsa.

check out that shag rug.

view was incredible.

felt like was in mama mia or begining part of beauty and the beast when all the ignorant french villagers are singing "bonjour, good day!"

amazing weekend.

hope can come back....

avec un petit ami.


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