Tuesday, March 31, 2009

on visiting monastic communities in greece

visited meteora, very old greek monastic community.

was actually more exciting than it sounds.

so just shut the fuck up.

started journey on smelly tourist bus bright and early with massive hangover

as seen right here:

(ginge friend, also hungover)

then made stop in ancient city of trikala.

quite scenic.

though honestly

looks just like every other city on mainland greece.

but whatever.

was outside enjoying gorgeous weather and scenery with classmates

when suddenly encountered most bizarre experience

hands down

have ever faced in entire life.

some little boy

like 8 or something

came waltzing up to the fountain we were all waiting by for the bus

completely ass naked

and smoking a cigarette.

was soon after joined by comrade

who straddled head of statue of another naked boy.


was not sure whether to be more upset at fact that


8 year old boy is publicly naked in center of city

or b)

8 year old boy is smoking cigarette.

like seriously

go clean your room.

or play with your dolls or something.

they start young here, apparently.

moving on

hotel was total and complete shithole.

metalic gold headboard

positioned to hide outlets, but not massive mysterious GROWTH on side of wall.

what is this shit?

was inches away from pillow.

seriously thought it would awake in the middle of the night

and crawl over face and kill me.

luckily, had very scenic view from balcony:

true story:

upon first entering room

noticed balcony door was considerately left open by hotel management

to relieve room of must odor.

also noticed

cats lounging on deck

enjoying the sun after a productive day of probably pissing all over our sheets.


room looked like where one would bring a cheap, filthy hooker,

kill her,

then leave body.

and smelled like it too.

that night at hotel however was amazing fun.

had huge party in one of the rooms.


massive hangover part II.

just in time for the tour of monasteries

which were incredible.

entering monastery

were given gross communal skirts to wear when entering

because apparently full length jeans and knee high boots do not hide enough skin.

totally looked like a math teacher.

to climb up the cliffs to the monasteries

one could either

climb up huge flight of stairs


if one were a monk or special guest of monastery

ride this box on zip liner across mountains.


zip liner cables were once only changed when they broke...

because that's how they roll.


greek orthodox monks like to live on the edge.

but that's cool;

they've got nothing to worry about.

theyre in heaven for sure

vip and everything.


when was time to depart from glorious monasteries

in classic greek fashion

bus broke down

leaving everyone stranded in mountains


with no food

or bathrooms.

totally gay.

all took this opportunity to be one with nature.


peed in bushes

and climbed rocks.

so romantic.

but a little fucking scary too:

for example

almost killed that kid at one point.

would have actually really sucked if had to go back to bus and tell chaperone that one of us fell off cliff.

then again

probably would not have cared.

we all had been gone for three hours and did not once get off ass to check where we were.

and things were getting intense out there in the woods.

shoo nature.

finally bus was fixed

and all got to enjoy watching film transporter III on endless ride back to thessaloniki.

pretty fucking awful.

was like icing on cake of 1,000 misfortunes.

but all in all

one of faorite weekends have had. in a long time. :)


  1. favorite post so far!
    haha i can't believe that kid was smoking/naked/clearly inviting you to take photos of him.

    p.s. you hike? in knee high boots? (this is why i love you)
    miss you!!!! <3


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