Sunday, March 1, 2009

on walking beyond the threshold of adulthood

acted like a grownup ALL WEEKEND.

so impressed with self.


did laundry for the first time in entire life.

so glorious.

just sucks don't have dryer

and that the washing machine is from circa 4000 b.c.

but baby,

it's cool.


cooked dinner [with annie] all from scratch [mostly]

even served it to people.

and by the way

no one got diarhea or anything.

and c)

planned and went on a day trip to edessa with friends.

took this ghetto train about 2 hours outside of city

and saw crazy waterfalls.

also, got to sit in amazing, relaxing hot springs with europeans:

was like swiss family speedo.

[little boy, also wearing tiny bathing suit, hidden from view].

then came home with roomate and collapsed into deep coma for 3 hours

until self obnoxiously decided to wake everyone up who came on day trip

and go out clubbing.


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Give it to me, baby. ;)