Wednesday, March 25, 2009

on her trip to prague

happy greek independence day!

went to parade

completely hung over.

sucked so bad.


since you're dying to know how trip to prague to visit sister was

here is explanatory post.

not sure of veracity of following statement but have heard it from several, unrelated individuals;


number one cause of lateness in prague metro

is people throwing themseles in front of oncomming trains in act of suicide.

as fun as city was

felt distinct vibe of depression.

sister's czech roomate, barbara, was such a good example.

every conversation had with her made self feel like diving in front of subway as well.

for example

commented on sunshine present for the first day of spring.

her response:

"the sun shine and still i feel no varmth."

i know.

just like that.


serious boner killer.

communism only ended there after the velvet reolution of 1989

so most of the people still have memories of life under that system

and there were still physical signs of its presence

like crappy box-styled buildings


but anyways

was absolutely gorgeous in old town

and had a really amazing time.

started to lightly snow outside of palace. magnificent.

yeah, i ate this.

is called goulash and is very good actually. so thanks for asking.

erotic city.

the starbucks of prague.

was seriously like 4 on every street.


no words.

traveled an hour outside of city to see the ossuary.

was church made out of human bones.

so cool.

took the opportunity to be hamlet. does not happen very often.

thousands and thousands and thousands of bones.

chandelier was made from every type of bone in human body.

victory over death.

what's more depressing than thousands of human remains used as decoration?

communist style architecture.

a lot of that going on.

sister's apartment was pretty sweet.

it was all central europeaned out.

sister really did take amazing care of me.

did cool things would not have done had self come with others.

hope that can do same for her.


  1. I also want to go to there...


  2. were you two the only ones at that church? it looks so scary! i would cry.


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