Tuesday, March 3, 2009

on the disintergration of culture and society

did some more bitch work today;

went grocery shopping.

hippety hop hop.

hippety hop hop.

easter's on its way.

but what's even more gross and shocking than a flayed animal?

the return to fashion of the m.c. hammer pant:

is nothing cute or even passable about anything in this outfit.

have seen these about 6 times in the wild

all girls

and each of them

every time

looks like they took a HUGE DUMP in their pants.


if a people are modeling fashion sense from mc hammer


or men from the elizabethan era

(like this douche)

then there are serious cultural issues that need to be looked into.

these pants are,


and ever shall be

completely hideous


with no end.



Give it to me, baby. ;)