Tuesday, February 3, 2009

on capturing memories via photo

today shot a picture of an asian gypsy.

out in the wilds of thessaloniki, greece.

all self had was just camera, determination, and nerve

and it was raw.

was sitting in bar with friends

(bar was titled, by the way "red rock cafe"... in fob-y attempt to emulate american hard rock cafe.)

so anyways

was sitting in bar

when some crazy gypsy busted in,

smelled the american off us,

and made a b line for our table.

would not leave even after adamantly refused to purchase his crappy pirated dvds.

suddenly, thought came to self;

must document this.

and was overtaken by inner japanese tourist girl within and just grabbed camera.

after the first flash he peaced for the door.


sayonara, bitch.

also, after many obstacles

found hookah lounge.

obviously shitty in comparison to beloved nile standards

but have suffered long enough under absence of the life giving smoke of a good shisha.

sangria was wicked amazing.

would have had 4500 glasses more, but called it an early night.

orientation starts tomorrow.

hope it's not the gayest experience ever.

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