Tuesday, February 10, 2009

on creative expression

actual first day of classes.

all of which were pretty easy to find considering there are about 4 classrooms.

had calculus today.

forgot how hopeless was at math.

seriously could not remember how to add/subtract/count/simmilar.

in middle of lecture got lost in thought

wrote 2 haikus:

haiku the first:

roasted lamb, chicken,
peppers, tomatoes, onions
in my souvlaki.

haiku the second:

visons of greece are
not the parthenon but the
clusterfuck of cars.

then suddenly was time to go to politics

(where the professor is INSANE, by the way)

and realized that had spent two hours doing nothing productive

when could have discovered joys of calculus.

felt great sense of loss.

***in other news

had better time with greeks today.


didn't feel like social leper.

was in library

and had to peepee so bad thought was going to just DIE.

so was wandering the second floor like lost retard

when ran into tall, gorgeous boy had seen in caf.

and of course acted a fool.

asked him where the bathroom was

but in dangerous combination of awe and depseration to pee, used the greek slang

so came out like

"yo where's the toilet?"

and said it really loud in middle of silent library.

immediately corrected self.

so embarassed.

and instead of being like wtf and peacing out


not even meanly

and told me where it was. in greek too.

then actually smiled and waved.

and when self walked away and subtly looked back

was still looking.

then had happiest pee of life.

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