Monday, February 9, 2009

on having her first day of classes

supposed to have first day of classes today.

however, only class of day was cancelled.


and have discovered that english class, the only upper level one, has been cancelled forever.

(also typical).

so now am sitting alone in caf like huge loser until friends get out at 2pm

drinking crappy cafeteria coffee.



15 individual people in life have said i look like amy winehouse.

has always pissed self off for some reason.

though now, after seeing several recent photos of self, can slightly see what others may see.

guess hair can sometimes be

a bit amyesque.

and nose.

not on purpose though, or anything.


am so ashamed.

and 2.

will probably never make any greek friends, as had originally planned.

this assumption is based on event that just happened:

was sitting alone at table when huge group of greeks came and sat at table next to self.

didn't have enough chairs, so asked if wanted one from own table.

in greek.

all started laughing, and one pointed out in ENGLISH small grammatical mistake had made,

further grinding salt into the wound of my pride.

then took chair.

was so embarassed, think eyes teared a little bit.

tried so hard.

discovered today am loser and look like amy winehouse.

wish had never said anything.

wish had never come to this place.

came here to rediscover my culture, my blood.

but feel am just hated by everyone in this city.

ok, is not that bad.

will stop being a pussy.

am in europe.

things will improve.

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  1. You will love it soon enough. Just keep trying to meet people. Just be your wild and crazy self and you won't have any problems. Do they have Sing Star over there? I think that would be a great way to get people to find you "interesting" haha.


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