Thursday, February 5, 2009

on orientation II

shall tell story of day through the majesty of photo.

you're welcome for that.

had orientation part deux.

made us do semi-queer scavenger hunt.

at first was like

"omg how totally lame. it's not like we're 5 or retarded or anythingg. ehh i hate my life teen angst."

but then slowly realized whilst scavenging real purpose of activity:

to explore city.

ad am quite greatful for the opportunity;

have discovered a lot today.

after that, went to coffee shop for a frappe.

(greek coffee).

here was toilet from said coffee shop:

seriously pondered the position a female would have to assume to be able to use this toilet succesfully.

though did not personally attempt use of toilet out of fear that would dribble peepee all over jeans and be known forever by new classmates as miss peepee pants

have analyzed toilet situation

and theorize that a female would have to squat really low

and have one arm grab hold of the door handle to keep from falling into filthy peepee hole

whilst other arm extend up extremely high to reach awkwardly positioned toilet paper.

after, as if experience was not traumatic enough,

she would push flusher

which would then release water, blasting forth in a profound display of greek water pressure

sprayig aything caught within a 4 ft radius

and creating such a roar as to alert all of europe of her most recent activity.

she would then leave the restroom stripped of her dignity.

so self just held it and returned to table/frappe.

later on went to rock club.

saw all fellow study abroad classmates there.

bartender gave self and friend free shots because were polite.


the gin flowed forth;

got buzz on.


(live music)

classmate bonding)

then left rather early since had to be up early tomorrow

for orientation III:

field trip to village of vergina

which greek orientation leader said must pay attention to especially since am greek and is site of alexander the great's tomb.

replied that alexander was favorite boy's name of all time.

and he probably could not have cared less.

walked home.

but annie climbed tree during journey

so self, along with others, safely helped her down.

was long day.


  1. I really don't understand the bathroom situation in Greece. At what point in time would a toilet like that be acceptable by anyone's standards?! The basic geometry of it really makes me wonder how number 2 would ever be possible there, hahaha.

  2. going potty is a tricky business outside of united states. in italy once used bathroom that literally relied on same plumbing structure used in pompei.

  3. BAHHH! it looks like you are having a great time! keep writing so i can check religiously!!! love you!

  4. there's a village named Vergina? hahaha

  5. haha I grew up with those kinds of toilets everywhere.. they aren't that bad once you get used to them, they are actually more healthy than the western type, cuz it lets EVERYTHING out.. hahahaha, looks like you are having one hell of an adventure, I envy you. Have fun and stay safe!


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