Saturday, February 21, 2009

on sushi and the city

went out for sushi last night.

with like 10 other girls. mad nice.

had been going through withdrawals since leaving boston.

literally, at logan airport before departure

first thing self did

after going through security

was to make a b-line for the nearest asian restaurant

which was in that case, Wok N' Roll.


ordered a roll

but it smelled like total shit.

so brought the gypsy fish back to the counter and returned it.

that was my last encounter with sushi.

until last night.

so glorious.

have discovered why europeans are so thin;

only gave us each two pieces.

what is that like, 5 calories total?

can probably eat like

27 at once.

was so pissed when finally was over.

no matter.

tonight is the last night of carnivalle.

had an amazing time tskinopempti (literally "barbecue thursday"... same thing as western "fat tuesday"/mardi gras).

everyone was dressed up crazy

and the parties were so much fun

thought would just die

and it would be alright

because sometimes when a night just feels so perfect

there's no need for anything else.

to my a-list

(you know who you are)

although things are amazing here

miss you everyday.

and am comming home to you soon.

and to my sarah and danielle-

have got a pair and a spare...

and a few waiting for you too.

come visit.


Give it to me, baby. ;)