Monday, February 2, 2009

on regret

am beginning to feel

should never


have left.

life was so good in boston.

why would one leave to study in this shit hole?

whole experience has thus far been horrid nightmare.

1. sat behind german farter on plane

2. became violently ill until reached frankfurt.

3. had less than 1 hour to make connecting flight to munich, but was questioned, along with 3 arab girls, for FORTY MINUTES by huge blond german police because was suspected of terrorism, during which time laptop was taken away and searched.

4. couldn't even access internet during 3 hour layover in munich to contact anyone because stupid instructions to allow web access were all in german. also, phone was obviously out of service. never felt so alone in entire life.

it wasnt until reached munich awaiting final plane to thessaloniki realized would be gone for a full 4 months.

and have not even known what time it was until 10 minutes ago when finally changed clock on computer. time has thus far been meaningless.

and asshole greek cab driver screamed at self for 20 minutes because pronounced one small word wrong, even though tried my hardest.

and fashion here is not chic in italian and athenian style self romanticized it would be, but instead terrible, ill fitting and cheap eastern european/post soviet bullshit that self could never


artfully incorporate into own style, so as not to stand out.

and b)

conceivably imagine wearing under own free will.

also, discovered that toilet is located directly inside of shower, 4 inches from the drain.

hate this city.

thessaloniki was a poor choice.


  1. pronoun + verb if you wish to formulate your sentences properly~

    keep yo head up, girl

  2. aww steph things will get better! it's only been one day. i love and miss you.

    thats gross about the toilet though...


Give it to me, baby. ;)