Monday, February 16, 2009

on light musical accompianment

had worst fucking hangover all day yesterday.

just wanted to share that before starting story.

this is our water heater

[stylishly located in bathroom.]

every morning

of every day that have been here

this horrible thing has woken self and roomate up

with its velocer raptor/rabid cat like shrieks

literally giving us a nice

"Hey, fuck you!"


without fail.

this sound is usually followed by the band of gypsies who scream out window of a free candy/rapist style van with megaphone,

calling for us to take out trash/recycling/first born/simmilar.

both these noises were accompanied by a third yesterday:

a spontaneous accordian concert.


the missing piece needed to complete the unholy trilogy of obnoxious sounds first thing in the morning.

literally thought had died and gone to hell.

sat up in bed

discussed hateful accordian music with roomate

returned to sleep once had ceased

only to be awoken again when the soloist decided TO GO FOR A REPRISE.

how is this allowed?

in boston, if had ever decided to lean out window at 8am to give a rendition of aria from madame butterfly

would probably have face shot off

which would be deserved.

just don't understand it.


the reason for hungoverness:

an amazing night of clubbing VIP in thessaloniki for roomate's 21st and valentines.

this city really is incredible. :)

hangover was worth it.

had a really great time. :)

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