Thursday, February 19, 2009

on participating in school activities

day has thus far been assailed by series of misfortunes.

this morning ears were once again raped by host of gypsies cruising neighborhood shouting through megaphone.

was told by hateful post office ladies at school that am only allowed to purchase stamps between 15:00 and 15:30 for no reason, whatsoever.

also, have two quizes.

(the math which know for certain will bomb.)

can barely count to ten, never mind this "calculus" business.

but it's alright;

tonight is carnival

the mardi gras/halloween of greece.

one of the reasons studied abroad in thessaloniki for spring semester.

crazy parties tonight.

and all is right in the world.

havn't given any life updates in a while so



have joined soccer team with annie.

suck pretty bad, but is fun being on a team. :)


get finally to cleanse tar-filled hookah lungs after a year of damage.

(a year though would never take back. who cares about health when have amazing friends to smoke with?)

and 2.

have joined jiu jitsu club with annie.


i know.

i know.

so weird.

and the strangest part was

we were the first two that signed up for it.

and perhaps the only two.

it meets next wednesday.

by end of semester, fully expect us to look like this:

shall see.

body as of now however is in physical turmoil;

muscles so sore from past two soccer practices can barely walk.

have been hobbling about like old hag.

so hideous.

yay carnival!

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