Friday, February 6, 2009

on driving

apparently the laws of traffic (and death) do not apply in greece.

have experienced this isanity every day

every moment

that have been here.

can understand that guy's frustration.

that's all am saying.

so, had really amazing day.

visited village of vergina

and took city tour of thessaloniki.

such incredible views.

to go with today's theme of "driving",

can you spot the insane parking job in the next photo?

then went to taverna and had a ten course meal and liter of wine.


is bizarre object on apartment celing that has been there since self and roomate have moved in.

do not know what it is

why it is there

or how to remove it.

though honestly,

am wary of touching it because of creepy oil stains accompanying it on the apparent non-stop party that is my apartment celing.

that is all.


Give it to me, baby. ;)